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L.C. Marino

Author of suspenseful dark fiction

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COMING 9-20-2024

Bless the Mother
Book II in The Haunting of the Whispering House Series

New Novel

Time may heal all wounds, but time stands still for the dead.


Twenty years have passed since the horrific night in the Whispering House. Now, Abigail lives a relatively normal life as an independent bookstore owner while her sister, Constance, struggles to navigate crippling physical and psychological damage.

But when Abigail inherits the house, old memories and childhood traumas are awoken.

Abigail becomes drawn to the dreamlike allure of the house, enticed by the potential of reconnecting with their dead mother.

Meanwhile, Constance’s dormant terrors return with frightening violence.


Will they finally connect with their dead mother and cleanse the house of the evil tearing their family apart, or will the house continue its reign of psychological horror?

One thing is certain…they will discover the unsettling truth of Constance’s connection to the house and a secret Abigail’s hidden since that fateful night in the fire.

Suspenseful and immersive, Bless the Mother is the second novel in The Haunting of the Whispering House paranormal horror series from author L.C. Marino.


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Burn the Girls
Book 1 in The Haunting of the Whispering House Series

Debut Novel

Would you sacrifice everything to save the ones you love?


Constance is a fiercely independent high school senior living in rural James City County, Virginia. After their father abandons the family, she and her sister Abigail move into their late cousin's home with their mother, Delilah. Constance quickly becomes frustrated by her new life and her mother’s obsession with their family’s legacy. In defiance, she aspires to make a new life for herself and leave this place forever. 

But when a life-altering tragedy strikes, Constance is thrust into adulthood and a fight for survival against unimaginable forces.

Brutal visions haunt her.

Deeply disturbing and immersive paranormal experiences challenge her perception of reality.

And worse, something is taking hold of her little sister, Abigail.

How far will Constance go to save her sister and restore their family’s legacy?


Suspenseful, heart-breaking, and wildly imaginative, Burn the Girls is the first novel in The Haunting of the Whispering House paranormal horror series from author L.C. Marino.

Burn the Girls Book Cover

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