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L.C. Marino

Author of suspenseful dark fiction

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Bury the Child
Prequel to The Haunting of the Whispering House Series


A parent should never have to bury a child...


Lydia and Wade Jones live a simple life with their daughter, Adeline, in the rural countryside of Southeastern Virginia. But when Adeline passes in a devastating accident, Lydia’s life falls apart and her perception of reality is altered forever.

Lydia and Wade struggle to rebuild their lives in the wake of Adeline’s funeral. They are helplessly cast into a strange new world without their daughter. Wade knows they must learn to live again, but the challenge seems insurmountable to Lydia.

Within days of Adeline’s death, Lydia witnesses unexplainable events in the home, causing her to question her sanity and her ability to keep her marriage alive. With every passing day, the tension builds and Lydia must navigate the paranormal realities of her home without compromising her relationship with Wade.

Is grief driving her insane or is Adeline reaching beyond the grave to reunite with Lydia?

Sweet, gut wrenching, unexpected, and thrilling, Bury the Child is the suspenseful introduction to The Haunting of the Whispering House series from author L.C. Marino.

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