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About Lucas

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Lucas is an author and entrepreneur. Growing up he dreamed of being a professional guitarist or author. You can see how that turned out. 👀

Lucas writes thriller, suspense, and horror fiction. He also writes nonfiction to help fellow entrepreneurs launch and sustain profitable courses. If he's not writing or working with clients, he's reading, playing guitar, or enjoying time with his family.

Lucas is currently writing The Haunting of the Whispering House series, comprising a novella and a trilogy of novels. He is also host of The Suspense is Killing Me podcast.

His nonfiction works include Monetize Your Book with a Course and Course Pricing Strategies

In the nonfiction world, he is the founder of several training companies, including Marino Training, EAST Partnership, and the Empire Builder’s Masterclass. He is a Thinkific Expert, and host of several podcasts including Conversations for Course Creators and the Empire Builders MasterCast.

A military engineer by experience, he spent 21-years as a naval engineer and training manager in the United States Coast Guard.

Lucas earned his Doctor of Engineering and Master of Science degrees in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at The George Washington University.


He lives in a pile of trees in Virginia.

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