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My debut novel, Burn the Girls, hits the streets this Friday (March 1st)! What’s this story about? Well, here’s the book description…


Would you sacrifice everything to save the ones you love?

Constance is a fiercely independent high school senior living in rural James City County, Virginia. After their father abandons the family, she and her sister Abigail move into their late cousin's home with their mother, Delilah. Constance quickly becomes frustrated by her new life and her mother's obsession with their family's legacy. In defiance, she aspires to make a new life for herself and leave this place forever.

But when a life-altering tragedy strikes, Constance is thrust into adulthood and a fight for survival against unimaginable forces.

Brutal visions haunt her.

Deeply disturbing and immersive paranormal experiences challenge her perception of reality.

And worse, something is taking hold of her little sister, Abigail.

How far will Constance go to save her sister and restore their family's legacy?

Suspenseful, heart-breaking, and wildly imaginative, Burn the Girls is the first novel in The Haunting of the Whispering House paranormal horror series from author L.C. Marino.


Freakin’ cool, right? Right! And since this is the first novel in the series we’re doing the full monty here, folks: jacketed hardcovers, paperbacks, and ebooks.

The print copies are available wherever books are sold and the ebook is exclusive to Amazon for at least the first 90 days. We’ll see how Kindle treats this thing.

I may write a series on the writing and publishing experience and lessons learned on this project. What do you think? Would that interest you? Answer in this fancy poll, would ya?

Would you like me to publish a series on this book's writing and publishing experience?

  • Yes, write that thing!

  • No, thanks!

I’ve received a few great questions about this book so far.

  1. Is this related to Bury the Child?

  2. Yes! Bury the Child was a prequel to The Haunting of Whispering House series. The next book is Burn the Girls.

  3. Do I need to read Bury the Child (novella) before I read Burn the Girls (novel)?

  4. No, but it’s recommended. Each book was written to stand on it’s own but reading Bury the Child gives you great insight into what’s going on with this family and house. And, it’s a kick ass story so why not?

  5. How many books are in the series?

  6. The heart of the series is a trilogy of novels. Burn the Girls is book 1 of the trilogy. The novella, Bury the Child, is related.

  7. Are there any trigger warnings to be aware of in Burn the Girls?

  8. This story deals with death, grief, mental health (psychological haunting), and general scary content. If any of that bothers you, this may not be your jam. However, I encourage you to indulge if reading on those topics helps you process things happening in your life (*not medical advice).

  9. What’s after Burn the Girls?

  10. Book 2 of course! HAHA. Okay, I’ll get more serious. Bless the Mother (book 2) is currently in production and will come out in May/June.

  11. Can I get early access to book 2, Bless the Mother, before it’s published?

    1. That’s the plan! I give early access to subscribers of my membership as each chapter is written and passed through first round edits. Some people love having early access to 2-3 chapters a week, particularly those who prefer ebooks.


Okay, that’s it for now. Vote in that poll above and keep your eyes peeled for some announcements this week related to the launch. Oh, and I’m working on a special project in the post-apocalyptic space that I’ll tell you more about soon.


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