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December '23 Update and FREE Audiobooks


Allow me to drop a December update upon thine heads! I recently wrapped up my final road trip of the year. Like most, this trip centered on my work as an author, but this trip was a bit different as I attended the kickoff for a mastermind that I've been a part of for three years. I loved seeing the new faces and the returning souls and am very excited about where this wild writing business is going in 2024!

I'm a big fan of traveling, meeting new readers and business partners, and generally being alive in the world. I know, that's kind of odd for a guy who is mostly secluded in my daily life of writing dark suspenseful fiction in a pile of trees.

Can you guess where I was on my trip?

Picture courtesy of (No cheating!)

Burn the Girls Plans

So what do we have in store in the coming weeks? First, Burn the Girls is a fully involved, three alarm fire at this point (see what I did there?). The serial releases of this novel wraps up as December closes! That means members of my Advance Reader Team and paid subscribers (only $5 per month) will have downloadable eBooks before the rest of the world in January!

Members of my Body Collectors subscription can expect paperbacks to roll out in late January/early February as long as the printing gods grant us safe passage.

Serial readers, get it while it's still published on Substack, Vella, and Ream in serial format because it has to come down before I can publish to Kindle Unlimited.

Free Audiobooks

Who wants a free audiobook of Bury the Child? I have about 40 more promo codes to offer new subscribers so sign up, get a free Audible promo code, and enjoy the heck out of the grief horror prequel novella to The Whispering House series!

Okay, that's all for now. Drop comments about your plans and reads!

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