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Early Access and So Many Damn Good Books

Hello, friends!

Too much time has passed since we last spoke, and I have so many outstanding books to share with you. Oh, and I'm writing things and going places (physically, not professionally) so I'll share some of that too.

Let's start with your next story in The Haunting of the Whispering House series, shall we?


Bless the Mother

Book 2 in The Haunting of the Whispering House series

The girls are back and I can't wait to share them with you! If you dig early releases and want exclusive access to the story as it's written, join my Patreon and be the first to read the story as it unfolds in the coming weeks. What's the book about? I'm glad you asked...🔥

Time may heal all wounds, but time stands still for the dead.

Twenty years have passed since the horrific night in the Whispering House. Now, Abigail lives a relatively normal life as an independent bookstore owner while her sister, Constance, struggles to navigate crippling physical and psychological damage.

But when Abigail inherits the house, old memories and childhood traumas are awoken.

Abigail becomes drawn to the dreamlike allure of the house, enticed by the potential of reconnecting with their dead mother.

Meanwhile, Constance’s dormant terrors return with frightening violence.

Will they finally connect with their dead mother and cleanse the house of the evil tearing their family apart, or will the house continue its reign of psychological horror?

One thing is certain…they will discover the unsettling truth of Constance’s connection to the house and a secret Abigail’s hidden since that fateful night in the fire.


Recent Reads

I've read or listened to these amazing books since February and happily recommend them. Check out my Goodreads review of each book if that's your kind of fun.

  • The Redemption of Morgan Bright by Chris Panatier

  • The House at the End of Lacelean Street by Catherine McCarthy

  • The September House by Carissa Orlando (audiobook)

  • Bad Blood by Tobin Elliott

  • Suffer the Darkness by Yolanda Sfetsos

  • Star Shapes by Ivy Grimes


Current Reads

  • Mary by Nat Cassidy (audiobook)

  • The Wild Dark by Katherine Silva

  • Kitty by S.Q. McGrath

  • Darkness and Dawn by Terry Hooker

  • No Gods, Only Chaos by L.P. Hernandez

  • Wings of Sorrow by Yolanda Sfetsos


Will you be at StokerCon in San Diego? If so, let me know so we can meet in person! The event is hosted by the Horror Writer's Association. I'm speaking with several wonderful authors on a panel titled It’s Not Witchcraft: Practical Methods Of Marketing Your Book. I'll also have a spot at the author signing event on the west lawn of the hotel on Friday May 31st, from 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm. I truly would love to see you there!


That's it for now, friends. Jump on the Patreon and enjoy the rest of your Spring before the temps turn to boil!

L.C. Marino

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